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Used Gibson Les Paul Studio HP 2017 Black Cherry Burst For Sale

Used Gibson Les Paul Studio HP 2017 Black Cherry Burst For Sale

Hi, my name is Jayson. I got my Gibson Les Paul Studio HP 2017 when it was just recently released in November of 2016. I’ve been very busy for the past few months working on my services, so I haven’t had the time to actually utilize it, and I have other guitars to draw on whenever I ‘d like to play, so I figured I would put it up on Reverb and see what I could get for it. I’m trying to find $1300 or best offer.

The guitar is still in fantastic shape. Once again, it has been hardly utilized. This guitar is fantastic and can even tune itself! It comes with Gibson’s G-Force Auto Tuner, so the guitar can tune itself to any tuning you ‘d like, without needing to the do the hard work. This is my preferred part of the guitar, you can see how it works in the video.

The guitar includes:

  • Gibson Les Paul Studio HP 2017 Guitar
  • Gibson USA Aluminum Case
  • G-Force Automobile Tuner
  • Car Tuner Charger
  • Quick Connect Adapter Cables
  • Multi-Tool
  • Owner’s Manuel
  • Gibson Gold Guarantee
  • Cleaning Fabric
  • Finished Production Photo
  • Owner’s Manuel
  • Gibson Guitar Strap